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    Tour de Little Europe in Bengal

Parts of Bengal were once colonies of European settlements, discover the colorful heritage of the Portuguese, Dutch, French, Danish and British as we explore old colonial settlements along the Hooghly river (West Bengal).

On this full day tour you will get a glimpse of Bandel, Chinsurah, Chandannagar and Serampore.  We will introduce you to the amazing cultural confluence along the Hooghly River, often called “Europe on the Ganges”.

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Discover the colorful heritage of the Portuguese, Dutch, French, Danish and British as we explore old colonial settlements along the Hooghly river in West Bengal.



The tour is designed to help you understand more about the melting pot of cultures in Bengal that contributed to the birth of modern India.

Your Guide and Hosts


Peter & Leonora de Vries are from New Zealand and lived and worked for many years as social entrepreneurs in Kolkata. Their desire is to empower people for a better life. They have extensively studied and observed the Bengali people, culture and the history that has formed them.




Note: The Trip starts and ends in Kolkata (West Bengal) and travel will be done in a car/winger.

  • Serampore – The Danish Delight Mission Chapel, Serampore College, William Carey Museum, St Olave Church and the Danish Tavern
  • Chinsurah – The Dutch Legacy Armenian Church, Old Dutch Fort, Mohsin College, Dutch cemetery
  • Hooghly District – Ola Portugese Bandel Church & Hooghly Imambara
  • Chandannagar-French Bienvenue Patal Bari, Sacred Heart Church, Boulevard-Chandannagore Strand

“Heritage … includes the natural as well as the cultural environment. It encompasses landscapes, historic places, sites and built environments, as well as bio-diversity, collections, past and continuing cultural practices, knowledge and living experiences….”  (ICOMOS, 1999)

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START TIME Please arrive by 7:30 AM at Indian Museum, Kolkata or agreed upon place.
END TIME Approximately 8:00 PM disembarkation in Kolkata.
WEAR Comfortable athletic clothing, hat, jacket,walking shoes and sunscreen.
Tour Guide & Host Transportation
Breakfast Meals
Expenses with are Personal or outside the pre-scheduled tour itinerary

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LocationKolkata, WestBengal
DestinationBandel, Chandannagar, Chinsurah, Serampore
AgeFree for Children 5 years and below
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Tour Reviews

4.33 based on 3 reviews
5 out of 5
August 21, 2015

I am definitely going on this trip again and explore the place in a new way every time….Thank you Crossindia for bringing such a great opportunity to us!

5 out of 5
February 13, 2016

I took a group of 11 people over to Serampore from Kolkata for the day to do the Hooghly Heritage Tour. The tour provides a fascinating and personal insight into how modern day West Bengal is the way it is. We visited some thoroughly interesting historical locations, ate good food and had time to marvel and reflect on the history of this place and what it might mean for the future. The tour was so great because of the knowledge, adaptability and personal touch of the tour guides. The Hooghly Heritage Tour was honestly one of the highlights of our month long jaunt to India where we went and saw many things. If you’re looking for something a bit quirky, historically insightful, or just a day of quiet reflection then I highly recommend this tour!

3 out of 5
December 21, 2017

This is nice but you should have posted some images alos just like this one.

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