Top 7 Reasons to choose Open Air Wedding Venues in Kolkata

Hey!! Can’t decide your wedding venue? Confused about whether to choose an indoor banquet or opt for some open air venues to get some lovely natural backdrop?

Well… You are not the only one who is facing this. While planning about the wedding, one of the most important things to keep in mind is the venue of the gala event. Perhaps, the utmost confusion that a bride faces during the wedding plan is whether to organize it in an open air space or indoor. Deciding upon the venue is very significant as a number of stuffs are associated with the particular choice of venue.

In the recent times, people are opting for open air space ditching the general indoor banquets. There are essentials of open air venues that the indoor venues just can’t compete with. Although, indoor wedding venues have their own unique features which cannot match up to the outdoor venues but then an open air wedding venue is more appealing to most people for various reasons.


One of the foremost reasons why people shift from the general boring indoor space to open air venues is the breathtaking backdrop setting for the wedding.

The natural landscape might be a beautiful mountain range, or a beach wedding with deep blue ocean beyond, or may be a cruise wedding amidst a river or a vast serene ocean. Many cruise lines offer luxurious wedding events on board.

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Natural backdrop

Wherever the venue is, outdoor wedding is always remarkably beautiful and it’s hard to beat the splendor and elegance that nature offers. The best reception parties are mostly organized in an outdoor setting and with a clear, starry night, the event gets more beautiful which can’t be recreated in an enclosed area.


Outdoor spaces enable you to experiment with various kinds of decors such as lights, natural flowers and specially candles which is not allowed indoors. Some clients might desire theme based decorations which can be greatly organized based on the open air space.

With outdoor wedding venues, one can get two different ambiances one during the day with various decor items and the other after sunset with beautifully lit up area. Also, the natural backdrop itself is so ravishing that not much decors are required to make up the ambiance.

less time

Moreover, outdoor decorations cannot be done in detail unlike indoors so, less time and effort may be consumed for preparing decorations.


One of the drawbacks of having an indoor wedding event is that, there might not be enough space for a lot of people. Each of the venues differ in size but an outdoor area like a lawn or a beach or a cruise let you accommodate any number of guests.

greater space

But, Of course you need to make sure your desired venue can accommodate a large number of guests you want in your wedding. You can get in touch with a large number of venues in Kolkata which provide various open air spaces for weddings like different banquets with lush green lawns and open grounds such as Club Verde Vista, Taj Bengal and P.C Chandra Gardens.

But, if you want a mesmerizing cruise wedding with a complete outdoor setup, you can contact Crossindia Cruises which can accommodate as less as 200 guests and maximum of 1500.


The budget of the event is undoubtedly an important piece of matter. With the gala event of the wedding taking place in an open air venue, you can get an ample opportunity to save the budget.

Proper indoor banquets with a lot of modern amenities and a wide spacious area charges high priced packages while the same event organized on board sailing through the rivers, or in a green lush lawn lower the budget rate.


While the Eiffel Room banquet of the Novotel Kolkata which is an indoor space, charges about 2600 plus taxes per person with high tech facilities and ambiance. On the other hand, Crossindia cruises charges you around 1500 per person for 30-35 pax. You get to save a lot more from your estimated budget making it all the more aesthetic in open air spaces.

So now you know how to give it a shot in the budget???

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   The outdoor weddings let you get captured in the natural setting of light. You can capture exciting wedding photos with new outdoor techniques. Also, with the sunshine kissing your face, the wedding pictures would be the most stunning while the evening ones would be tranquil in moon light.

While the indoor banquets provide only the artificial lights, the photos are no way different. On the other hand, the open air space setting lets you experiment with photography. Enjoy the transformation of the scenery of the wedding venue from the daylight to night with the décor colors and theme changing.

get clicked in natural backdrop


For larger events like weddings, some of the indoor venues have tried to concentrate on logistical issues. But, there are many ancient and fascinating buildings with eccentric architectural style that simply can’t provide convenient parking, delivery ramps or docks. This can be a problem for loading decors and equipments.

However, for open air wedding venues like cruises or beach parties, you don’t have to face such problems because the entire wedding event is professionally handled as you enjoy a stress free wedding celebration.

No logistic issues


Weddings are the most gala events where everyone enjoys and share the happiness along with the bride and groom. It is planned from an early span so that every minute thing can be kept into mind for the lavish event. Weather is one of the common factors that should be kept in mind.

While Indoor areas with enclosed spaces and ac banquets doesn’t let you enjoy the prevailing weather, the ones with open air spaces like the open grounds and lawns or the cruises let you enjoy every bit of the weather. The wedding season is of love, happiness and joy and the weather adds up to the happy elements.

enjoying season 1

Imagine yourself, going out for a cruise wedding as you enjoy the pool parties in the time of summer and let yourself soak in sun rays in some beach. Amazing, isn’t it?

enjoying season 2

Open air wedding venues are always mesmerizing and unconventional. You can always go for open air venues for your wedding at any wedding seasons except the ones in monsoon. There is an array of open air wedding venues in Kolkata that offers various wedding packages to plan your wedding events starting from the pre wedding occasions to the reception parties.

An innumerable of options are available under the open air wedding venues starting from  lush green lawns, farm houses and open grounds to cruise weddings. So, just decide upon your option and get ready to experience an amazing and breathtaking wedding ceremony.



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