Master Guide To Affordable Banquets In Kolkata For Private Parties

Everyone dreams about having mesmerizing weddings or birthdays for perfect celebration and lifelong memories. Are you looking for an amazing banquet to celebrate your D-day or any other special occasion at an affordable rate somewhere close to you?

Here we are presenting you with a list of banquet halls in Kolkata ideal for private gala events like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, cocktail parties and so on. This master guide provides you the list of banquet halls for prices as low as Rs 1500. No matter what part of Kolkata you are in, we have an option for you.


1. Palacia Banquet Hall:

Located in Salt Lake Sector V, Palacia Banquet Hall in Hotel Monotel is ideal for hosting an array of private events like weddings, birthdays, bachelor parties or anniversaries and can accommodate up to 300 guests.



The banquet can also provide with DJ and live music to enthrall your special event. There are a wide range of cuisines to choose from and includes Indian, Mughlai, Mexican, Chinese, Continental and European. The starting amount for each person is 850 for veg and 950 for non veg dishes.

2. JMS Villa & Garden:

If you are looking for a banquet hall with a lush green lawn to celebrate your D-day, then the most recommended place for you is JMS Villa and Garden. Situated in Hussainpur, near Ruby Hospital, the banquet provides the facility to even build a mandap amidst a wide lawn.

The specialty of the villa is the open garden on both front and back sides to host all kinds of pre and post wedding events. You can even organize birthday and anniversary parties here mostly at a low budget.

JMS Villa & Garden

The entire 18,000 square feet area can accommodate up to 1000 people most comfortably. It also provides additional services like bridal makeup, photography and car services if required. The banquet has its own catering services but also allows outside caterers.

However, the food range is quite pocket-friendly and starts as low as Rs 500 + taxes for veg and Rs 600 + taxes for non-veg dishes. Celebrating your grand day in the most dreamy way is now possible with JMS Villa and Garden.

3. Emerald :

Another great option is The Emerald at The Sonnet which is available within the budget of Rs 1500 per head. Located in Bidhan Nagar, Salt Lake City Sector 1, the banquet is apt for hosting several private party affairs like birthdays and pre wedding events like cocktails and bachelors. It is also perfect for organizing your wedding day, accommodating nearly 300-350 guests.


The efficient party coordinators make sure to live up to the clients’ expectations and make the event perfect for everyone.

A variety of Indian, Chinese and Continental cuisines of great quality are served in Emerald and the price ranges from only 950 for veg and 1100 for non veg per person. The grandeur reception enables the destination to be perfect for any wedding event

4. Gold Finch:

Gold Finch at the Golden Tulip is also located in Salt Lake sector I. However, like the other banquet halls providing a host of gala events, Gold Finch is preferred for birthdays and reception celebrations with just a few number of guests adding upto 100.

Theme parties can also be organised for private events at a low budget and offers highly modern facilities to its clients. The price range starts around 1000 for veg and 1200 for non veg per plate.

gold finch

5. The Tulip Banquet Hall:

The Tulip Banquet hall of the P.C Chandra Gardens situated in E.M Bypass adjacent to Science City is an incredible destination one can opt for any private event. With its lush greenery lawns, the spot is ideal for organising a fairy tale wedding at a pocket friendly price.

One can host the entire pre and post wedding ceremony in the A.C banquet that stretches about 6,000 sq. ft area and provides some modern amenities like cctv surveillance and fire fighting control along with a wide open green lawn of about 5,500 sq ft.

The Tulip at P.C.Chandra

The place can also host other private ceremonies like birthday parties or anniversaries and can hold a capacity of about 700 people. The host may choose from a wide deal of cuisines that the catering service of the banquet offers and the price starts from 800 for veg and 900 for non veg per person.


6. Crossindia Cruise Banquets:

Now you can organize your wedding ceremony in a grand way at affordable prices only at Crossindia Cruises. It is the one stop solution for all your private party events amidst the river Ganges.

Crossindia CruisesCrossindia Cruises

Yes, they offer you budget banquet halls for your birthday, anniversary, engagement or marriage as you sail through the river, celebrating your private parties in an exquisite manner. One can opt for various themes and decors along with add-on services like mandap setup, live entertainment, photography and so on.


Crossindia CruisesCrossindia Cruises


Crossindia Cruises

Read on to know more about Banquets on Cruises in Kolkata.

Different vessels cater various ranges of people and can accommodate up to 250 guests. The budget for a group of 30 people starts from Rs 1500 per person. Wedding on a cruise is of course a dreamy affair and Crossindia Cruises makes that happen at a reasonable rate.

You can make your booking through our website or can simply contact (+91) 8282906050.

7. Oyo Townhouse:

The Oyo Townhouse 011 Esplanade in the Sudder Street, Taltala is one of the budget banquet halls one can opt for in the Central Kolkata region. It is a small party place and has a capacity to intake 60 guests maximum.

Being a small spot, this banquet hall is ideal for private parties like birthdays, anniversaries and engagement, bachelor parties and wedding receptions.

Oyo Townhouse

The house offers a DJ support for the guests to groove onto some music and enjoy the occasion. It also allows alcohol to be served for the people if demanded. The pricing starts as low as 449 INR plus taxes for veg and 549 for non veg per plate and offers different cuisines like Lebanese, Italian, Oriental, Mughlai, Continental and a lot more.

8.  Saphire:

The Saphire at the Senator Hotel of Kolkata is a banquet hall for holding various events.  Located in the heart of the city, in Camac Street, the place is quiet an amazing destination for private parties.

If someone is seeking for an event like birthday celebration or any wedding anniversaries and pre wedding ceremonies to be a in a very private manner with a handful of people, Saphire is just the ideal place within an affordable budget. It can hold upto 85 guests maximum and a minimum of 30.


With prices starting at an amount of 800 per plate for veg to 900 per plate for non veg, the place offers a variety of dishes to choose from Continental, Chinese and Indian.

9. Senate 1:

The Peerless Inn, one of the four stars rated hotels of the city offers the banquet hall facility to the guests with Senate 1.  Located in Esplanade or the Dharmatala region, Senate 1 is spreaded over an area of 1941 sq ft and is in the first floor of the Peerless Inn.

The Senate 1 provides affordable banquet for different events like wedding, birthday party, engagement and bachelor party. It has 2 guest entrances and can accommodate upto 250 guests at maximum.

senate 1

The veg menu starts at 1000 plus taxes and non veg starts at 1200 plus taxes per plate and has an option of Indian, Chinese and Continental cuisine. One can also have access to both Senate 1 and Senate 2 if required.


10. Myrah Banquets:

For people looking for banquet hall options in south of Kolkata can opt for Myrah Banquets located at Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Road, in Bowbazaar. The 20,000 sq ft banquet hall can accommodate upto 700 guests and the food prices are also reasonable starting from 800 + taxes  per plate for veg and 1000 + taxes per plate for non veg.

It is one of the budget banquet hall in south kolkata for marriage and can be availed for a number of other events like private bridal suite cum lounge and birthdays as well.


11. Club Verde Vista:

Club Verde Vista by Conclave is located in Patuli near Neotia Academy of Nursing and is one of the best destinations to plan wedding and other wedding related events. The ones seeking for lush lawns for their wedding can opt for Club Verde Vista for a lavish celebration.

It is another one of the affordable banquets at a lower price and has an arrangement to accommodate nearly 700 guests. The garden, the fountain and the pool is an extra add on to the décor and is surely one of the go to places for luxurious wedding.

There is also an arrangement for pre function area where pre wedding ceremonies can be performed. The place doesn’t allow outside caterers or decorators.

club verde vista

The amount for food starts at only 750 plus taxes per plate for veg and 850 plus taxes per plate for non veg. Club Verde Vista is one of the budget banquets of south Kolkata with wedding lawns proving to be the ideal party venue.


12. Splash:

The Splash at Swissotel located in Rajarhat close to the corporate sectors of the city just 15 minutes drive away from the Dumdum airport, offers for a great party banquet in the northern zone of the city. The Splash is an ideal place for anyone obtaining for budget banquet halls for birthday, marriage anniversary and engagement parties.

The accommodation capacity of the Splash is not very high for private parties and can intake for about 60 guests.


However, the visitors are offered with great hospitality and a variety of cuisines like Chinese, Indian and Continental of which the starting range is only 1100 for veg per plate and 1250 for non veg per plate.

The budget banquet is just perfect to hold your next birthday or anniversary party or a pre wedding celebration like sangeet and is a budget party venue with an amiable rooftop view.

13. Senate With Pool:

The Senate with pool at the Airport City Hotel of Jessore Rd is one of the ideal places to organize private parties and events.

The spacious banquet hall offers for a celebration of a number of events like marriage, pre wedding and post wedding occasions, anniversaries and birthdays and can hold as less as 40 members and upto a number of 150 guests maximum.

Senate with Pool

There is an array of dishes one can choose from starting from Indian cuisines to Chinese and Continental cuisines. The prices start from 750 plus taxes for veg per plate and 950 plus taxes for non veg per plate. The poolside banquet is just perfect for anyone seeking for a reasonable banquet hall near to the Dumdum airport.

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