7 Reasons to go for Wedding Cruise, ditching Conventional Banquets

Planning an avant-garde style wedding? A luxurious destination wedding? Something which would make your friends’ jaw drop? If you have been seeking a sense of romance and an unconventional wedding to make the most important day of your life startling, here we are providing you with the reasons to go out for a cruise wedding ditching the usual banquet halls.

The exceptional advantages of cruise wedding definitely makes it a right preference over any banquets. 


The foremost reason for choosing a cruise for the D-day is the best packages for the amount you pay. One of the best things about cruise weddings is the fact that you can plan the entire marriage ceremony within a best deal budget.

With a spectacular backdrop of the sea or the river, lip smacking delicacies by the chefs and comparatively lower prices of the wedding reception itself, a wedding cruise is more cost-effective than the ceremonial rituals in banquets on land.

A fancy banquet can increase the budget at a higher rate. Good hotels with banquet facilities are definitely more expensive while on-board conveniences on cruise is more enthralling experience. 

At Crossindia Cruises, the prices for weddings starts as low as Rs 1900 per person. Pocket friendly. Isn’t it?



Perhaps the best thing about Cruise wedding is the various numbers of locations you can visit. The sea has been romancing explorers, poets and lovers alike since time immemorial. Now, it can be the perfect backdrop for your ‘forever’.

The endless locations, both inside and outside the country that are within the estimated package can be tried out while cruising. Whatever destination you decide, you can explore different regions and places you have never even thought about visiting.

You might start off from one country and tie the knot in some different land where you always wanted to.

However, for the banquet weddings, you get to experience the same old places and nothing exceptional about them that can enhance the event. A banquet doesn’t excite anybody. It just feels like another wedding one has to attend.


For wedding on a cruise, one can make it into an intimate affair with only close friends and family. Or, they can choose a grand celebration with a large number of people to sail out for the occasion.

On some cruise lines, like Crossindia Cruises, they offer vessels of different size to suit the desire of the clients accommodating as low as 200 guests and maximum of 1500. However, in case of banquets on land, you may not get the ideal sized banquet as some may be too overcrowded while others may be too gigantic for the guest list.

Getting that ideal sized banquet with all your other considerations is quite a formidable task. The problem is the pinch in the pocket as one may have to end up spending extra on the rentals to get a bigger venue even if they don’t want that much space.

Crossindia Cruises


Wedding is of course a lifetime special event and every single person wants it to be in the most extraordinary manner. The entire ceremony to be executed as desired is a grand challenge and involves a hell lot of stressful work.

Instead of immersing in the happiness and excitement of your D-day, you tend to stress out over how and where to arrange the pre-events and the main event. For a cruise wedding, you need not stress about anything but just relax and be super excited for the grand celebration.

Most cruise lines, especially the larger ones, offer devoted wedding planners to make your wedding ideal. All the arrangements are entirely handled by the expert cruise event planners and let you lead stress free pre-wedding moments and enjoy your last few minutes of singleton life.

Cruise lines like Crossindia Cruises is the one stop destination for all your wedding related affairs as you leave your stress at home and enjoy the fullest. The wedding planners plan every detail of your cruise wedding and give that special personal touch.

Check out the events related to Wedding Cruises that we organize at CrossIndia and book us today for your event.

Stress free wedding

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The entire cruising affair for the wedding is a 2 in one deal. One can go out for a vacation and sail out for a honeymoon at a go.

The cruise acts as both as wedding and honeymoon affair as you can later on plan for a proper honeymoon with your better half in some other parts. For banquets, one cannot acquire this option.

Also, with the wedding occasion held in a cruise, the family and friends get to spend some quality time and go on for a lovely vacation together along with the bride and the bridegroom.

Vacation and Honeymoon


There are some cruises which are specially designed for celebration of various private events and specifically grand occasion like weddings.

Starting from pre-wedding affairs like engagement, sangeet and bachelorette parties, to wedding receptions, the cruise allows you to organize your gala event in the most mesmerizing way possible at the backdrop of the sea.

Crossindia Cruises takes entire responsibility of services like food and other requirements along hospitality. You can completely be stress-free and enjoy the ceremonies. 

In fact, one can also opt for arrays of other add-on services like theme based decoration, customized cakes, photographer, bartenders and DJ. For the main event, they can also provide mandap set up, vaarmala, barat orchestra, bridal make up and mehendi with an extra add on amounts.

You can choose according to your preference and experience one of the stunning wedding affairs in the city across Ganges.

Oh wait! Hold on. You can even arrange the very first step for the D-day, through Crossindia Cruises. You can even propose the love of your life amidst the Ganges. 

You can choose Couple Cruise for proposal from the available options.

Crossindia Cruises

Crossindia Cruises 


Depending upon the cruise line one is opting for wedding, there are a wide range of packages that one can choose from for the variety of events.

The cruises of Crossindia also offers an array of packages with some add on services to enhance the wedding in the most spectacular manner within affordable price range. We have several booking alternatives for you. You can choose to hold this special day on a barge or a ship, for groups ranging from 200 to 1500 people available at various ranges.

wide range of packages

Banquets being one of the most common options opted for by brides and grooms living in metro cities, Cruises are a bit unconventional affair with mind boggling picturesque set against the backdrop of the sea. Smile for your social media feed as each of the moments and every move are captured by the photographer on-board.

Henceforth, you have got enough reasons to ditch the general wedding banquets and try out the thrilling and astounding experience on cruise for the next gala wedding affair.

Consult our event management team to book a wedding cruise or for pre-wedding ceremonies.