Sundarban Boat Tour -Pirates Party Sail

1) How long the trip lasts? Can it only be done on weekends?

Crossindia Pirates Party is a 2 day and 1 night trip(Boat Stay) and well as a 1 Day Tour, The trip it can start any day except Mondays with prior booking.

2) Where does the trip start from? Does the transportation from Kolkata included?

The trip actually starts from Narayanpur near Namkhana(Sundarbans) from Crossindia Ghat which is a short 3 hrs journey from Kolkata. Transportation from Kolkata to Narayanpur is included in the package. Alternatively, the guests can come with the own transport and park next to the ghat site with Rs 100/- and Rs 50/- as parking charges for cars and bikes respectively. Also, you can come down to Namkhana via train from Sealdah to Namkhana.

3) Where is the night stay?

The night stay is in the boat. We have 2 house boats and can accommodate up to 8 people each . The boats are well equipped with adequate safety equipment like life jackets, fire extinguishers, first aid etc and provide comfortable night stay for the travelers with adequate facilities like electricity, beds, western toilets, changing room, kitchen and much more.

4) Is a Hotel/lodge stay an option?

Yes , if needed Crossindia do provide hotel stay option in bakkhali.

5) What is the minimum and the maximum guest booking? Is there a discount on group booking?

Minimum number of people or booking required for the trip is 4 people, max 16 people in one trip. Yes there is discount on group booking. Please contact us for further details.

6) What if we have less than 4 or more than 16?

– Then Contect us for customization of the the tour as per your needs.

7) We are a couple. Can we book the entire boat/trip just for us?

Yes, if the dates are open then Entire Trip can be booked at a customized cost.

8) Is the itinerary strictly followed?

Time schedule is estimated. Actual may vary depending on weather conditions, tide etc.

9) Is the Trip family friendly?

Absolutely, we have taken many families with children but the parents/guardians will be responsible for the safety of the children also the trip is free for children under 5 years of age.

10) Are we going to see Bengal tigers? Is the trip safe?

We do not operate in the tiger regions for safety reasons as this is a Soft adventure tour. The trip is completely safe and it operates in the region devoid of any natural threats of tigers or otherwise.

Tour de Little Europe in Bengal

1) How long the trip lasts? Can it only be done on weekends?

Hooghly Heritage Tour is a full day tour. It starts at around 8 AM at an agreed point in Kolkata and ends in the early evening at the starting point. Currently the trip is scheduled for Saturdays, but if you would like to do the tour on a weekday, let us know.

2) Is the transport included in the package? What is the mode of transport?

The transport is by van or car. We may use public transport as necessary for part of the trip.

3) Is the food included?

Yes, morning tea, a full lunch  and afternoon tea is included (dinner is not included). Please let us know if there are any special diets. Please bring a bottle of water to start with.

4) What is the minimum and the maximum number for booking?

The minimum number of people is 4 people and the maximum number we can take is 10 people.

5) What if we have less than 4 or more than 10 people.

Please contact us in this case and we can explore the best options that we can facilitate for you.

6) Is the trip family friendly?

We recommend that the family first comes on the half day tour. If this works well then the option is there for the full day tour.

7) We are a couple/single. Can we book the entire trip just for us?

Please refer to the answer number 5.