Crossindia Tourism & Adventures Pvt Ltd was established in 2013 in Kolkata, West Bengal. It came as an answer to the need to have a soft adventure getaway from the city for which people were travelling for many miles over to other parts of the country. Upon some ground work, we realized that the UNESCO declared world heritage site, the Sunderban Forest, remained the perfect and closest getaway from the city. However, the conditions prevailing in the hub of the tourist area in east route Sunderban and over emphasis on the ‘Royal Bengal Tiger’, which was rare to sight leaving tourists unhappy, forced us to move out of the prevailing pattern and create a totally different tour experience from the south route altogether. Thus the Crossindia Pirates Party was born to give a very entertaining and theme based tour experience and has been loved by everyone who has come on board.

Early in 2014 the plan for the Hooghly Heritage Tour (HHT) was put in action which covers early settlements of the Portuguese, French and Danish over the upriver section of the Hooghly that is also termed as ‘Little Europe.’ The first operations of the HHT took place in October 2015 thereby reviving the upriver heritage that is being lost in time and faded away from memory.

Crossindia also organizes boat parties, both private and corporate, events and cruise parties down Kolkata’s stretch of the river Hooghly. Crossindia initiated the first of its kind ‘Nautical Mile’ which is like a night club on cruise, first standup comedy and first kebab festival on cruise. Crossindia as a company is dedicated towards creating innovative boat and cruise experiences and is highly focused on serving clients and customers with honest ethics and fair business policies.

People who have come on our tours have been so mesmerized that many of them have come over and over again. Following this we have become so fortunate, grateful and honored that they now have come forward to take Crossindia and it’s vision to a higher dimension. We are entering the most exciting time in Crossindia where My Dream has now become Our Dream and together see the exciting future and possibilities that lies before us and now we see that Big dream together.

Come with us as we share with us our Journey and experience the thrill and joy of being a CrossIndian