Are you planning a cruise vacation? Get the detail information of the top cruises of India which you just cannot miss, if you are planning to take a cruising experience.

The vast expanse of the ocean is a mystery of deep secrets and exploring it has been a thrilling experience over the centuries. Cruising is an ancient method used for trading purposes but as the travelers are inspired with the mystic ocean journey, cruising has gradually become a part of leisure activity and an astounding event experience at present.

India being the land of rivers, and added to it is a subcontinent country, cruise lines have been quite famous in the recent times. Associated with the rivers and the ports are a number of great historical significance that are indeed an enchanting experience to explore over all. This has led to the emergence of several cruise lines in India over the years that provide some eccentric luxury cruise experiences across the oceans and rivers of India.

Watch out the top cruises in India that you need to opt for to explore the exquisiteness of the nature and waters of India.


Kerala, a southern state of India is forever famous for its backwaters which enable the option of cruising in it. It is obvious that for anybody, who seeks unparalleled serenity in the nature’s lap, Kerala is one of the best suggestive destinations.

There are luxury houseboat cruises in Kerala that offer fantastic backwater cruising experiences, as you get to view historic churches, lush greenery with a number of coconut trees all around the place.

The spectacular picturesque is nothing short of a painting turned into reality and the cruising experience across the backwaters is amazing enough to take you back to God’s own land.

What can be a better way to enrich you with the immensely prosperous untouched landscape of Kerala at closed quarters in the cruises?

The houseboats have all the modern amenities and are appreciated by the tourists. Added to the striking experience are the exquisite cuisines tenderly prepared by the chefs in traditional Kerala flavor with the local ingredients.

Thus, don’t miss a chance when you head to southern India and especially in the state of Kerala for a dreamlike cruising experience in the backwaters and get a touch of some Kerala essence.



For tourists who want to savor the slice of true Kashmiri essence must avail the traditional cruise experience in Dal Lake of Kashmir. Donga cruises used to be a part of Kashmiri culture but were discontinued until a few years back when it started off again, as Kashmir was reviving its tourism.

Along with Shikaras and the houseboats, you must explore the enchanting Dal Lake in a cruise. The mesmerizing sunset view across the vast lake is an eccentric experience as you get amidst the ethereal beauty of Kashmir.

The cruises let you enjoy the ethnic music, folk dances and relish onto Kashmiri delicacies giving you one of the best experiences of cruises in India.

The cruises intend to provide complete entertainment to the tourists and the packages start around 500 INR with the cruise offering a three-hour ride on lake together with entertainment accessibilities.

Donga cruise


What about exploring the largest delta of the world through the cruises? Who said river cruises are only about luxuries and mesmerizing gala events?

Sunderbans being one of the most thrilling destinations of India offers an array of cruise services through its river. Exploring the Tiger reserve of the country through an enchanting and luxurious cruise is surely going to be a bucket list option for anyone who loves adventure.

You get to view the impenetrable mangrove forests, Sundari trees, the muddy river and changed colors of the water at every rivulet. A few cruises operate in this region like Crossindia Cruises that takes it clients to sail out on river for an amazing Pirates Party Sail which is one of its kinds and starts in the month of October.

The two day experience on cruise sailing out for the pirate party is definitely a most enchanting experience as you sail through the river Deltas and voyage into rivers, creeks, ocean and jungles into the backwaters of Bengal.

What’s more? You get a  private beach for yourself with bonfire and bamboo kebabs just 3 hrs from Kolkata. The price for this thrilling pirate party across the river starts as low as Rs 5,500 onwards  per person.

Sunderban Cruise



Are you an adventure seeker? To know more about it, visit the Pirates Party Sail Page of Crossindia Cruises.


Goa being one of the most popular tourist destinations of India is of course on everyone’s bucket list.

Experiencing a cruise by the blue water of the exotic coastal state is as amazing as visualized. There are a number of different cruise lines operating in the seas and rivers of Goa aimed to provide breathtaking experiences to the tourists who gather up from all around the world.

It not only offers a luxury cruise experience by the ocean or river but tourists can even join the various festivals of Goa with friends and family.

A mesmerizing view of the sunset, incredible scenic beauty, a bottle of beer with some peppy numbers is surely going to add to the fun and frolic of the evening cruise. One can indulge in various boat activities in morning and take a plunge into the deep blue ocean.

However, you can also get to explore a different side of Goa in houseboats if you want to spend some quality time away from the party goers of the Goan culture.

Adding to the cruise across the ocean is the Mandovi River cruising which begins from Santa Monica Jetty at sunset and continues into the exciting night. There are a plenty of cruise ship packages available starting around 900 INR for an adult.

Goa Cruises


Exploring the culture of city of joy gets a bit more interesting with cruising experiences across the Ganges. Kolkata being a port city in eastern India offers some of the best cruise experiences with several cruise lines in service like Crossindia Cruises.

The cruise line offers 3 hours daily cruises along the Ganges with buffet choices at different point of a day starting as early as 8.30 AM for breakfast.

The cruise ship packages start at around Rs 1000 plus taxes per person for breakfast or evening snacks and Rs 1500 plus taxes for lunch or dinner buffet with plenty of choices.

You can get a marvelous view of the two iconic bridges, Howrah Bridge and Vidyasagar Setu, beautifully lit up in the evening. It will strike a chord as you gorge onto some evening delicacies in the dusk with your loved one.

Crossindia Cruises also offers a luxurious celebration of various private parties in the cruises like pre-wedding events starting from proposal cruise and engagement party to wedding ceremony.

You dream and they bring it into reality with their services and professional event planners as you enjoy a stress free wedding. They also have other array of services for various private and corporate events.

daily cruise

Visit and check out the Ganga Cruise at our website


World’s ninth largest river, Brahmaputra flowing through Assam provides some great cruises in India.

The luxury cruise along the sacred and historic Brahmaputra River is a divine experience as you explore the enchanting countryside, the villages, picturesque landscape and the exotic flora and fauna of the state of Assam.

They offer series of cruising experiences for different time span like 8 days and 11 days to several places like Dibrugarh, Majuli Island, Kaziranga and other areas. One can even opt for luxury cruise for private explorations of the places.

The cruise offers you a golden opportunity to get glimpses of the traditional culture of Northeast India.

Brahmaputra Cruise


The Hooghly river cruise is actually the combined cruise of Ganga and Hooghly River taking you through the thrilling venture of exploring areas little known along the banks of the river.

A heritage sail out is organized by few cruise lines operating in the Hooghly river. Crossindia Cruises let you explore the colorful heritage of Portuguese, Dutch, French, Danish and British as they take you on-board traveling around old colonial settlements along Hooghly River.

An entire day heritage tour will give you a glimpse of suburbs like Bandel, Chinsurah, Chandannagar and Serampore and to the remarkable cultural confluence along Hooghly River, frequently called “Europe on the Ganges”. If you are in Kolkata, you will not like to miss a chance to sail out through the mystic waters of Hooghly thereby experiencing the other aspect of the Bengal heritage.

Crossindia Hooghly Cruise

Crossindia Hooghly Cruise


Mangalore provides one of the best luxury cruises in India. Being a wacky tourist destination in southern India, the cruises operate over Phalguni River that flows in north, attracting a number of tourists from India and abroad.

The two rivers Phalguni and Netravati Rivers forms an estuary at south-western province of the city making it an important area for cruising. Sailing across the rivers, the cruise provides some breathtaking view of the city’s landscape characterized by gently sloping hills, coconut palms and even jungles.

The Mangalore river cruise is the perfect amalgamation of luxury and wilderness as you can enjoy the vacation in the best way possible in the equally beautiful place like Kerala.

Just take a quick getaway to this particular port city of Southern India and avail one of the greatest river cruises in India. Surely you will not want to miss the chance to experience the mystifying beauty and charm of the oceans beyond.

Mangalore Cruise


The island archipelago of Andaman Islands on the Bay of Bengal is one of the best cruises in India and in the world as well. Planning for a vacation in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands and excluding the cruise is perhaps the greatest mistake you can make.

Sail out in the deep blue ocean with your friends and family or obviously a solo trip can also be amazing for anybody who is a nature lover. You can take a plunge into the cool waters from various beaches and can even indulge in water sports.

A number of cruises operating in Andaman Islands take you on-board for some luxury cruising in India with a wide variety of options from which you can choose from. Cruising let you explore the beautiful islands with white sand bed and green periphery of lofty forest canopies.

Get to view the exotic marine life through the glass boards and treat your eyes to the splendid scenario of greenery and calm blue waters. Let yourself experience the astounding voyages to incredible tropical islands of Andaman Archipelago in your upcoming vacation.

Andaman Cruise


Dibru – Saikhowa is a river cruise in India that takes you on-board offering a different picturesque of Assam than the one provided by the Brahmaputra river cruises. Contrary to the Brahmaputra river cruises, the Dibru – Saikhowa cruise is a mesmerizing exploration of flora and fauna along the villages and city life of Assam.

The cruise takes you to the river island national park of Dibru Saikhowa, which is among the 19 biodiversity hotspots in the world and is wildlife escape for the nature lovers. The Dibru – Saikhowa river cruise takes you to the lap of the nature as one gets to discover the unexplored parts of the region spotting migratory birds, river Dolphins, and a lovely collection of orchids.

If you want to get the essence of Assam beyond Guwahati and the cityscape, take a cruise to the Dibru – Saikhowa River.

Dibru Saikhowa-river-cruise


The archipelago of Lakshadweep although being the smallest territory of India, has been an appealing tourist destination since last few decades.

The island of Lakshadweep in Arabian Sea is an ideal cruising destination for its scenic beauty and obviously of its location. This cruising experience is something which you would not love to miss as it is considered to be one of the best cruises in India.

With 36 islands, seventeen of which are inhabited, Lakshadweep cruising is sure to steal your heart and make you go wow! The island hopping of white sand beaches and sea green waters are more than mesmerizing scene.

One can opt for various cruise lines operating with different packages as you indulge in various water sports, or watching out small corals under the shallow blue waters alongside interacting with local inhabitants.

You will not like to miss the cruising experience for sure if you think about a cool vacation to Lakshadweep Islands.

Lakshadweep Cruise

For the ones who prefer standing on a deck with a glass of wine surrounded by utmost serenity with just the sound of the ocean waves and the melody of the sea gulls accompanied by a loved one or friends, then you know it is time for you to head to the port! Choose from the above mentioned cruises for your next vacation and enjoy!


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